Pavlova, one of the heads of Chineurs de Berlin. Originally from France, she’s moved her vinyl to Berlin permanently about 3 years ago “in order to try another way of living my art… “

Back in France, in what seems like a lifetime ago, Pavlova was a professional dancer “Ballet and Modern Dance”, she says. “ But eventually I was too disillusioned with the industry and professional world that I just lost the passion.” It’s a career that demands full dedication yet rewards very little unless luck is one’s side, and it wasn’t on Ophelie’s – she got an injury, stopped to recover, and never went back.

But one does not simply break the connection body-music like that… So she found another way to express her feelings: “I already had some vinyl and had fiddled mixing with a controller 2 years earlier, so I just moved the freedom that dance gave to me to music.”

Delicate but not too much, Pavlova’ sets show fantastic technique and great attention to detail, weaving carefully studied sounds into a hypnotic tapestry of deep house/dub landscapes; ever so often, the senses are shaken into a more energetic dance with outbursts of electro and acid.

Involved with several projects that promote fem/queer participation in the scene, to the French-born DJ: “Music is an art , DJing is a simply a technique within this art. Art is always political because you’re acting for or into the society – just look at Music History, specifically electronic music history, there is no way to think that techno or house music are not a form of activism.” To her, the point is to help change people’s minds so “I do my best to not be aggressive or arrogant. When you have the opportunity to show there’s more beyond being “a party person”, take it and explain all the ideas that bring you to this point..”

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