Ophelie’s journey to the dancefloor has seen her play at renowned Berlin clubs such as Salon zur Wilde Renate, Griessmühle and House of Weekend

Home-schooled ballerina meets vinyl-hording cat lady.

Born in the French Neanderthal settlement now known as Brittany, she spent her childhood learning how to pirouette like Sylvie Guillem and hunting along the windy coast for wild bats and turtles with her pet cat Cashew.

It was during her final year of high school at the famed Carolyn Carlson Dance School in Lille where she fell in love with electronic music after performing to pioneers such as Aphex Twin, Air and Moby.

After being rejected by the National Paris Opera’s professional ballet program for being too good for her age, she scraped a living with a stint teaching 3-year old babies contemporary dance.

After surviving Thrombosis and being told she could never dance ballet again, she moved to Lyon to do burlesque but was swept away by the underground rave scene and legendary techno clubs such as Le Sucre.

While hosting and deejaying at parties in the makeshift artist collective ‘Leather and Moustaches’ she was finally offered her childhood dream, the chance to dance for the National Paris Opera, but she said “Nahhh” and moved to Berlin to become a DJ.

Other projects/residencies :
Brainshake corp., Humboldthain Club, Grrrlz Power, Chineurs de Berlin, Being All Here

Other Clubs & Events Pavlova has played:
DE: Johnny Knüppel, Polygon, Loftus Hall, JAZ (Rostock), Klangkulisse (Wismar), Rosi’s, Crack Bellmer, Humboldthain, Anita Berber, Sounds, Urban Spree, Kleiner Onkel (Kassel), Rechenzentrum (Potsdam), Willsons (Leipzig), Der Weiße Hase

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